How to Restore Deleted PST Files?

MS Outlook is used as a email client for communication among people by sending and receiving emails. It is also called as independent personal information manager as it is used to manage contacts, tasks, scheduling appointments, personal folder and other calendar items. It holds all its data on personal storage table, which is commonly known as PST file. Hence, in MS Outlook PST files is of great importance. However, PST files get corrupted or is deleted due to unforeseen reasons that makes you to lose all your important data from the PST file. To overcome this problem you need the help of some powerful data recovery tool.

Let’s assume a Situation: Suppose while deleting unwanted program files from your system hard drive you accidentally select your PST file and delete it by using Shift + Delete option. Losing thousands of contacts and other items which you are collecting from many months, leads to a big disappointment. You can easily tackle this data loss situation, if you have an updated backup of your PST file. But, what if you don’t have any backup? At this point only Data retrieving tool will help you to restore deleted PST files. Using this tool you can learn how to recover deleted PST files that too within few mouse clicks. You can run this tool on all major version of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 2007. Read more… for Windows XP data recovery.

Common reasons behind PST file deletion are:

A third party software like antivirus program deleting your PST file, while scanning for viruses. In case yous PST file is infected by the deadly viruses, then antivirus program will delete in without any warning.

Formatting or re-formatting your computer hard drive to get rid from error messages, also ends with PST file deletion.

Common mistakes like mistakenly deletion of PST files using “Shift + Delete” key combination is another common reason behind PST file deletion.

Operating system re-installation, without backing up your PST file results in deletion of PST file. That’s why it is adviced by the experts to maintain a backup of PST file.

PST files may also get deleted during disk partitioning error, like resizing or shrinking the hard disk partition.

How to resolve this PST deletion issue?

Data recovery is the best program to restore deleted PST files. This tool uses advanced in-built algorithms to find out and retrieve all deleted or lost PST files from the computer hard drive. It has simple and user interactive interface, which helps you to recover different types of files such as music, video and pictures. Check out this URL to know how this tool wil recover deleted picture files in few mouse clicks.

The best feature of this utility is that it does not modify the original file during the recovery process. It even allows users to recover files from crashed hard drive. It first scans the crashed hard drive and then restore it files back. Follow this link for additional info.

Useful Tips

If you want to avoid data loss situation then do regular backup of the important PST files. Update your system antivirus program once in month and check for deadly viruses by regularly scanning your system. Back up your vital data on to any external data storage device. Never terminate or close your Microsoft Outlook application improperly. Don’t add new files on drive from where you want to restore deleted PST files.

Guide on how to recover deleted PST files:

Step 1: Download and install the data recovery tool on a healthy computer. After launching the software select "Recover Files" option from the main screen. From the next screen, you need to select "Recover Deleted Files" option to retrieve deleted PST files.

How to Recover Deleted PST Files - Main screen

Figure 1: Main screen

Step 2: Select the drive from where deleted PST file is to be recovered and click on "Next" option to initiate recovery process.

How to Recover Deleted PST Files - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Once recovery process is over, the recovered PST file can be previewed in “FILE TYE VIEW” or “DATA TYPE VIEW”.

How to Recover Deleted PST Files - View Restored PST File

Figure 3: View Restored PST File