Assistance in Retrieving Data:

  • One of the best data recovery software which aids in retrieving data after deletion or loss on Windows and Mac computers
  • Efficiently recover data from lost partition of desktop or laptop
  • Restores data of all file types like images, video clips, documents, movies, songs, etc. easily and quickly
  • Recover data from hard drive, USB external drives, flash memory card, memory stick, Digital Cameras, iPods and FireWire drives and more

retrieving dataretrieving data

retrieving data retrieving data

Have you lost data from your storage drive and seeking help in retrieving data?

You can store data on many devices like cell phones, mp3 players, iPods, computers, etc. Data storage is an important issue as you put efforts to collect or create it. Different storage devices use different storage media. Depending on the type of files that should be stored on the device, there are various storage drives manufactured. To store huge data, the computers will be having hard drive in it. If you want to transfer data which requires very less space within few Giga Bytes then you can use pen drives. If you want to store media files, then memory card is best suited in cameras, camcorders, etc. You can even store data on external hard drive that provides large data storage capacity and are also used as backup drives.

However, you may lose data from the storage device for many reasons. Suppose you had your project report on the pen drive. When you connect the pen drive to the CPU of the computer, the folder displays the message "this folder is empty". You will feel blue that time as you don't have the backup of the files. What was the problem with the pen drive? Could the files on the drive be recovered? These are the questions which arise on your mind while retrieving data from your storage device? This is due to frequent usage of the pen drive and not handling it properly. Many of us will not know that the lost data can be recovered using recovery software. Data retrieval software is one of the efficient software for retrieving data from your pen drive including various other storage drives like external HDD, computer hard drives, etc.

There are many data loss scenarios. Some are given below which you can refer and beware of the loss:

Emptying Recycle Bin: The Recycle Bin stores the deleted items which helps in retrieving data if required. If you empty the Recycle Bin and suddenly you will realize that there was a file with important data. In such situations, you need data recovery software to get back the access to the data. The recovery software scans the hard drive of your computer to recover the deleted files on it. Data retrieval software is one of the reliable recovery software that you can employ to restore data from emptied Recycle Bin.

Losing data from Digital camera: Digital data like pictures will be lost when you click those pictures when the device is indicating low battery. All the photos before getting written onto the memory card will be lost. You can retrieve photos from SD card, CF card and other memory cards of the camera using recovery software. Data retrieval software would help you in retrieving data from the storage drive of the camera.

File system corruption: The storage drive will need a file system to maintain the records of the files on it. The file system has lots of other aspects which are helpful for the transfer, copy or deletion of the files on the storage drive. If it gets corrupted, you will lose all the data on the logical storage drive. The file system may get corrupted due to virus infection or damage of the files on the file system when the system shuts down suddenly. But, recovery software can assisits you in retrieving data because those data will be still present on the physical storage drive.

Partition deletion: The logical partition can be deleted if you want to delete. You can delete the partition for free space on the disk. Before partition deletion you should take the backup of the important data on it. Sometimes you may delete a wrong partition and lose all the data on it. You cannot restore those as there is no backup of the data on it. If you are stuck in such a scenario and want to perform data restoration on hard drive of your laptop or computer, then this software is the perfect answer for your question on how can I retrieve data from laptop hard drive? You can use data retrieval software for retrieving data from deleted partition.

Adroit Way of Retrieving Data:

The data retrieval software helps you in retrieving data lost or deleted from the storage drives like hard drive, memory card, flash cards, iPods and so on. The software can recover most of the file types, even RAW pictures generated by digital cameras. This software is the solution when you will be thinking how to retrieve deleted pictures. The software supports the recovery of files from the file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT on Windows OS. The software has simple wizard which is the main attraction of it. The software has powerful scanning algorithm to scan for the data on the storage drives. You can be ensured that the data will not be overwritten by the software as it only has reading functionality. You can restore data from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista OS computers just within few easy steps.

Updates on Retrieveing Data:

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Guide lines for retrieving data:

Step 1: Download Retrieving Data software and install on a computer. If you have lost the data from any external drive then connect the drive to the computer. Run the software and select "RECOVER DRIVES" option from the main page.

Retrieving Data - Main screen

Step 2: Select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" or "Partition Recovery" option from the second page of the software for executing data restoration process. Then, select the drive from which you are retrieving data and scan it. You can even scan the drive for the particular file types by specifying the file types

Retrieving Data - Select Recovery Option

Step 3: Retrieving Data utility allows you to preview the recovered files after scanning the drive. Finally, you can restore data by selecting "Save" option by browsing the destination location for the files.

Retrieving Data - Preview Recovered Files

It is better to avoid the data loss instead of retrieving data. You will not be sure till you view the files after recovery. Hence take some precautions as given below:

  • Use branded card readers to avoid memory card corruption.
  • Do not abruptly take out the memory card out of the device soon after the clicks from the camera.
  • Use powerful antivirus program to avoid data loss due to virus infection.

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